Joy Written Comments

"I want to thank you Mr. Sharpe for writing your book, Joy Potential, it is priceless. It brought back many memories that are very important to me. I am so grateful to have received it as a gift from my friend, I really didn't deserve it. I have been taking it to the market and letting my daughter read it while I shop. I won't give it to her because it is something I treasure and don't want it to get lost." ~
89 years old from Union Mills, NC

"I'd like to take a moment to share with you, how amazing I found Robert Sharpe's book Joy Potential. It found me at a time of feeling quite overwhelmed and derailed by the pressures of not only career, but home and caregiving an ailing husband. Really - it felt as if my spark was dimming. I picked up Joy Potential and as I read ... found my frame of mind wasn't unlike others dealing with challenging situations. I wasn't alone! And that began to open me to receive the message of light and positive thinking that Joy Potential brings. Robert's thoughts are beautifully written and a must read for everyone. His message was well received and I am thankful for his insight and caring in helping me get back on track. Put Joy Potential at the top of your must read book list!" ~Maya Nash, Psychic at Mind Over Matter; 85 South Broadway; Nyack, NY

"Joy Potential is a wonderful and inspirational story about seeking ones personal joy. I couldn't put it down! I found myself enthralled as I read deeper into the pages, needing to hear the next message and/or the next lesson. The style in which R.P. Sharpe writes reminded me many times of how I've excused synchronistic events in my own life. Not anymore!! Joy Potential equals Self-discovery." ~Lyn Ragan, Author of We Need To Talk: Living With The Afterlife; Wake Me Up! A True Love Story About Life After Death; Berc's Inner Voice

"Joy Potential" by R. P. Sharpe begins with a scenario familiar in America today. A man was 'let go,' searched for 18 months and finally accepted a temporary graveyartd shift, low pay, beginner-type job. He has no other choice right then, and he's not happy about it. Once at work, he meets John, the supervisor, and Loenora, quality control agent, and begins to transform his anger to positive aspects of his position and the 'joy potential' in his life. John helps him see that 'happiness is a state of mind' and that 'my actions prevent me from being happy.' Further, he understands that 'belief in the possibility' is the catalyst to joy, and people have control over their attitudes and can use disappointments and misfortunes to their advantage. Leonora helps him understand that concern for others over oneself is admirable. He begins to see that his hobby doing Internet radio shows has 'joy potential' because he can help others through the show. He also realizes that he should be open to opportunities in his life, which includes talking to people he sees during his daily routine. John tells him, 'If you only do what you know, you will never know what you can do.' He states that what makes you sad when it's absent, has joy potential. The 'I' in the book is never identified by name, but the implication is that it's the author's story. It is difficult to classify the book in a category. Is it self-help, inspirational, positive thinking or a memoir? The reader doesn't know until the end. This reviewer was surprised and a bit disappointed, but the value of the principles and possibilities given in the book are invaluable." ~ The Sun Times, Myrtle Beach, SC

"This story was fun to read with a few twists and turns, yet the experiences and lessons could apply to so many people. Any one of us could be any one of the characters in this story. The author has the ability to deliver some very sage advice and life changing concepts without the reader feeling like they are being lectured to and without feeling like they are reading another of the thousands of 'self-help' books written by 'spiritual gurus'. Thank you for sharing an inspirational message in a very entertaining way." ~ Chris, Host of Curious Times Radio Show

"Joy Potential proved to be a wonderfully powerful narrative. The lessons contained in the story are revealed in a loving, caring manner that compel the reader to eagerly want to find out what will happen next. I know I did. R. P. Sharpe's style of writing will be well received by a broad range of truth seekers. It is simply wonderful." ~ Roy Worley, Clairvoyant and Counselor

"... The entire story has an air of timliness, these are messages I have been getting and trying to reinforce for the last year or so. Positively, spending time with those who fill me rather than those who empty me, and making a conscious effort to ensure that when someone walks away from me that they feel better than when they walked up to me. I identified with the message and felt like I knew the characters. Two thumbs up." ~ Julie Ann, Owner, Big Red's Barber Shop, Spartanburg SC

"Joy Potential is an enchanting story about a week when everything turns around - to a new path in life. The story speaks about; fear based thoughts turned to excitement, startling connections with others, breathtaking new thought patterns, the joy of making a difference in others lives, opportunity awareness, and seeing the larger picture of life. It is an encouraging story with a *surprising* ending! Check it out, I really think you will like it, I sure did!" ~ Evelyn Vollmer, Owner, Tree of Enchantments

"Joy Potential is an enjoyable, easy-read story that leads the character through some challenging life situations. This character could be any one of us. RP Sharpe uses simple concepts to share basic principles on how to live in this new paradigm and new age. He shares a powerful way to use your energy and your beliefs to maximize your Joy Potential. He guides us through potential doom and gloom taking the reader to a new higher perspective of life's situations. It is life changing for the individual and those around them. The transformation happens as the character is taken through twists and turns to release their own limited belief systems and replacing them with new perspectives. This creates new outcomes, resonance, abundance, love, and heart coherence with our souls; creating magic in our lives, thereby increasing our JOY POTENTIAL, Where you least expect it." ~ Gayle Powell, Astrologer/Fine Jewelry Designer

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